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Cycle Cross Country: The Road to Chief Ladiga

Now that winter finally came to a burning end with temperatures rising to the mid-eighties here in North Dakota, it's been extremely interesting learning how to gauge my exercise. Initially I aimed for a 100 mile century skateboard ride, and ultimately failed due to the harsh headwinds on my way home. I went out for [...]

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Hiking the North Dakota Badlands in Theodore Roosevelt National Park

The Theodore Roosevelt National Park is easily one of my personal favorite national parks here in the United States. Though admittedly a newbie to national park exploration, I have come to find out exactly what I look for in a national park experience: history, hiking, and beauty. All national parks have their own specific brand [...]

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Buzzfeed: Meet Skateboarder Calleigh Little, The Trans Woman Who Just Skateboarded Across the Country

Read the Article Here! After many months of interviews with Buzzfeed Contributor Morgan Sung, Buzzfeed finally released my in-depth story in a series about travelers and traveling. This article is a summation of me, my life, and the events that happened before, during and after my adventure across the country on a skateboard. I'm absolutely [...]

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To All of My Followers:

You may have noticed that I have been very distant since the tail-end of my adventure. Obviously, the hardship of travel and the obstacles I overcame to reach my destination in Boston, Massachusetts tolled on me in many ways, especially mentally. Settling into a life I left years ago with my family, hometown [...]

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