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Project Description

The 24-Hour Ultraskate is not only an event that I compete in yearly with hopes to break and set a world record, but also an event I work closely with as a member of the IDSA committee and web administrator. Together we work together to produce contemporary options for the new generations to find our events accessibly in hopes of increasing yearly participation.

In years past I only participated as a copywriter for the website for the event but took over when a spat of inspiration hit me to help market it more creatively – using less inbound links and more information that spoke to you right away: the need for a website that could be edited by the layman had to be met.

With an entirely new design the website took off and scored well not only on page speed tests, but also did well on SEO ranking. The entire goal was for somebody to say, “I like skateboarding distances, and I want to race. Where can I do that?” and find the Ultraskate. Overall with my hard work we were proud and felt like that goal was met.