Project Description

Gymwrap, a fitness brand offering head bands made in China and sold in the USA, was a project I worked on in a contract basis. I was responsible for all social media management, advertisements, ad buying, graphic design, web development, e-commerce management, and customer relations.

Taking on the project, Gymwrap was experiencing a loss of sales after a 3 year run off of QVC infomercial success. I identified the need for a new website, because their existing web presence was causing incorrect data to be transferred about conversions over their WordPress site. In addition, they were unable to create Facebook/Instagram ads that could easily manage success of ads bought.

Over a 3 month contract, I developed a new website using Shopify while simultaneously curating all of the social media and advertisements. Engagement rose on all platforms over 100% by the end of the contract, sales rose by 66%, and the website received 2,000+ unique views per day. Ad cost for Facebook advertisements leveled out around 9% and remained there for the duration of the contract since the new Shopify website became active. Gymwrap’s follower count rose by 8,000 during the contract as well over Instagram.

Now, the website continues to use my graphic design work, copywriting, and still circulates ads via email marketing and Facebook of my conception.