Skate Central Lakes Endurance Festival2018-09-14T08:12:43+00:00

Project Description

The Skate Central Lakes Endurance Festival is the first SkateIDSA sanctioned race of its kind. With 3 days of long distance skateboarding races, it is designed to draw crowds of beginner, intermediate, and advanced level skaters from all over the world.The first year of this event will be 2019, and as the event host I put together a website to announce it as a new event in the SkateIDSA circuit, and to draw in interest for the January 2019 registration plans.

The event works as follows:
Day 1- 120 miles
Day 2- 55 miles
Day 3- 26.2 miles

On day 3, there will be a pizza party, live music, and local beer to draw in local crowds in celebrating what will be an immense finish after 200+ miles of hardcore racing.

The website was built in WordPress in less than one day, drawing on sourced photos from Flickr’s creative commons database and information written by myself as a way to sell the event and drum up potential participants for the future.