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Project Description

The IDSA – International Distance Skateboarding Association, had a dire need for a new website with a simpler look to increase membership counts. In their quest for web development, I created the idea to have a gallery-style member area where participants could update their profiles, thus enticing prospective members to join the club. In addition, the IDSA needed a simple way to organize events and event dates of upcoming IDSA sanctioned races. Further, the ability for future race hosts to easily apply to have their event sanctioned by the IDSA was added.

Created in WordPress, the ease of editing simple blog posts and adding elements was a main goal of the site to reduce the need for future administrative tasks to be paid for. The IDSA relies on this website as a hub for all distance skateboarding.

In 2018, the IDSA began to focus more on the international aspect of the organization, and required a new web presence that had limited copy and was able to not only be easy to register new members, but to convey both league information and a mission statement easily. I created the second version of the IDSA website with these in mind and also increased functionality across all devices, and streamlined the website to take away user actions in lieu of remaining strictly informational. The new website was well received across the 500+ member organization and continues to build upon the already-established goals for competitive skateboard racing.

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